Stellar views of Wäscälly Wäbbits’ Bunk 2 at Camp Magic MacGuffin

Yes, these are the Wäscälly Wäbbits you’re looking for! Check out Bunk 2 where there is plenty of room to dig and explore. As we get settled into camp, I’m looking forward to exploring the petroglyphs up on the cliffs.

Breaking Camp



Hatchet Jack told us the other day that the hills and lake in the Camp MacGuffin vicinity are inhabited by Big Wäscäl Wäbbit, a huge seldom-seen critter that leaves a gigantic paw print similar to Sasquatch. If you see a paw print please take a picture and tweet about it.

Breaking out the camping gear for Camp Magic MacGuffin

Dear Family: Well, blame it on ds106, but it’s about time I get my act in gear if I’m going to Camp MacGuffin this summer. Hey Bunk House #2: please save me a spot by the fire, my gear and my bones are on their way! So here is my camping gear I picked up back in 1990. Good quality materials and of course I take care of my stuff. It has served me well all over the world. And still shines on. My Lowe Specialist Cloudwalker II has carried many different objects all over North America, Europe, North Africa, South Pacific, the Caribbean, Central and South America… The Marmot sleeping bag has kept me cuddly snug and protected in the high backcountry of the Sierras, Rockies, Pyrenees, Alps, and still has decent loft on standby in my dry basement. I’m ready to go camping! Do not worry, dear family and friends, I’m in very good company at Camp Magic MacGuffin. I promise to keep in touch this summer. I’ll be creating and sharing art with you over the Internets!

Camp gear from 1990 still kicking