Internet searches and social media influence: What is you Klout score?

I was a guest lecturer today and provided an hour and fifteen minute long lecture/workshop for the first time on the exciting combo topic of internet searches, social and collaborative learning spaces and online influence. It was a fun topic to prepare because it combines some of my personal research interests along the lines of information literacy, algorithms and heuristics, personal learning environments and networks (PLE/PLN), and online “influence” analytics¬† i.e., Klout. Only one person had heard of Klout before so I gather it’s a new topic for most folks (including me). Students were genuinely intrigued by views of my Klout dashboard and especially my score. It’s currently 49. What does this mean?

I ended with some open discussion about internet searches and credibility and showed part of Howard Rheingold’s video about online crap detection. We used clickers at the beginning of class to get the conversation going and to also probe social media use. Be sure to click the CONTINUE READING link so that you can read on!!!

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